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Malou sprang 100miles

02 MAJ 2020 13:24
Den 18-19 april sprang Malou 100 miles lopp. Här kommer hennes löparberättelse på engelska.
  • Skapad: 02 MAJ 2020 13:24

I DID IT! I managed to run 100 miles at home from Saturday 10am to Sunday 1:55pm. 27h55min. YAY! 😄

Things went really well on Saturday. Was able to keep a good pace on my course (11,5 km which I ran 14 times) and felt GREAT!
Had some amazing friends come by and keep me company on some of my loops (THANK YOU Henrik Dahlström Karin Serving Ulrika Ekelund and Heidi Whelan ) I was hoping to finish within 27h but for a while even 26h seemed realistic. 🙂

But as every ultrarunner knows, anything can happen on an ultra 😅
So after 100k I began to feel nauseaus 🙄 and from then on it was a fight to go out on the next loop... and the next etc.
And my watch died a couple of times making my run look weird on Strava 😅 a couple of times I considered killing it for good(my patience was kind of non-existent after hours of running 😂)
Even doggies came along on a couple of loops that we walked together.😊

Today I had Suzan Enell
and Henrik come by to be my pacers on my two last loops and they were SO patient with me. We didn't run much and when we did, it was really slow as my stomach just wouldn't calm down. 🙄Without their support it would have taken much longer to finish!
Even my kids were SO supportive of their (only at times...😂) crazy mother.
I'm so happy with my result and did shed a couple of tears when I finished 😁

Thank you to everyone of you who sent me thoughts and messages. It really made a HUGE difference when it felt hard! 🤗
Now time for some rest and no more long runs for at least a couple of weeks. 😄

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